Tackle Your Anger With Stoicism

Destiny S. Harris

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Highlights from July 26, 2021

  • The only time anger turns into a negative feeling is when we produce unproductive actions because of our anger.
  • When we produce actions that hurt ourselves and others out of anger, we then give anger control over ourselves.
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  • Irritation and the build-up of irritation oftentimes lead to anger. If you can become more patient, loving, and easy-going, you can avoid unnecessary situations in which you become angry.
  • Improving your communication skills is a beneficial avenue to utilize to avoid irritation, arguments, and feelings of anger.
  • Lastly, notice the things, situations, and people you often allow to ruffle your feathers; when you take time to reflect and learn these details, it will lead to greater self-awareness.
  • There is nothing more attractive than a person who successfully and consistently integrates self-discipline into every area of their life. Self-discipline comes from habit. You can make it a habit not to allow yourself to give in to your emotions so easily.