Supercharging Application Delivery

Dr. Werner Vogels

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Highlights from July 26, 2021

  • But there’s one thing that I’ve found that as close to a silver bullet as you can get – Developers. More specifically, it’s about hiring the right kinds of developers and then empowering them to do what they do best – build.
  • Sometimes, a company’s organizational structures or internal policies act as barriers to letting developers build
  • When companies try and apply the same traditional thinking they use for on-premises infrastructure to evaluate, deploy and operate applications in the cloud, they still may not be able to run at the speed they want to.
  • If you want to run faster as a company, let your developers serve themselves. Let them innovate without having to ask for permission. Use guardrails and platforms that enable developers to focus on the more valuable part of their jobs. Abstract away unneeded complexity, but give them choices that are relevant to them.