Seven Habits of Effective Text Editing

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Highlights from July 26, 2021

  • Use % to jump from an open brace to its matching closing brace. Or from a “#if" to the matching “#endif".
  • Use [{ to jump back to the “{” at the start of the current code block.
  • Use gd to jump from the use of a variable to its local declaration.
  • There are three basic steps: While you are editing, keep an eye out for actions you repeat and/or spend quite a bit of time on. Find out if there is an editor command that will do this action quicker. Read the documentation, ask a friend, or look at how others do this. Train using the command. Do this until your fingers type it without thinking
  • “I want to get the work done, I don’t have time to look through the documentation to find some new command”. If you think like this, you will get stuck in the stone age of computing.